Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Patwari (Revenue) Record System in Pakistan

We as bankers considers the land a good security for our loans and advances. In Pakistan as we dont have any proper record of land therefore we rely on the record of revenue system. This record was acutually established before Partition to collect revenue from farmers. 

This record is very important and for bankers, especially the credits staff it is essential to have good knowledge about this system.  While googling on the internet I found some very good links which have good information about Patwari system and I want this to share with all of you so you can know more about it, coz the other option is very tough, time taking and full of sweat. I mean the option of getting knowledge from your experience. Although, it is necessary to go and deal them yourself because there are lot of things which are out of books and can only be dealt through your experience.

Here are the links,

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