Saturday, September 13, 2008

IBP - JAIBP Preparation - Reading Material

After applying for JAIBP your first preference should be that how to prepare for the exams,

for this I have some tips for you:

First of all visit the website of Institute of Bankers Pakistan and go through the sylabus of the courses you have registered. (Current link )

Carefully read out the outline and see that which topics are familiar to you and which are not ..... obviously you have to keep in mind those which are not familiar and then concentrate on them especially. This will help you find out knowledge about those topics ,

Some big sources to get answers of your questions could be,

- IBP Website
- IBP e-Mentor Service
- Some qualified bankers around you ( Qualified is different from experienced )
Experienced can give you answers about practices in banking and Qualified can also help in the theory, laws and bookish aspects. Both are equally important.
- Books Recommended for JAIBP by IBP
- Reference Books
- Websites like (Really helpful for basic topics)

There can be a lot more resources than these therefore don't limit your self.

I also have several e-books which can be very helpful as reference books therefore if you need those just write me, I shall try my best to send you all the relevent material.

Try these websites to download some complete e-books for preparing you JAIBP tests.

You can find books on Banking, economics, Finance, HR, Marketing.


  1. Dear..

    can u please guide me regarding Lending Operations & Risk Management(Stage II Subject).. becuase the books provided by IBP are not fuitful to solve the paper.

    You can email me at



  2. Lending Operations & Risk Management have two portions, One is lending operations for which I recommend the book of Israr H. Siddiqui Law & Practices of Banking in Pakistan. That book is very informative specially about the Land revenue and mortgage system practices in Pak. For Risk Management you can consult the books from IBP which have research papers and articles from the IBP competition. You can also consult any international Book.

    Good Luck !

  3. I have uploaded some credit risk management books. please find the links in the e-Book links on the right side portion of blog. In any problem email me ! i would send you the books through emails.

  4. I have uploaded some credit risk management books. please find the links in the e-Book links on the right side portion of blog. In any problem email me ! i would send you the books through emails.

  5. hello every 1..

    its gud place to get for ibp qualification
    but hoooonm i got late to have on..
    i am non-banker and i really did enjoy this competitive study by a glorious institute in Pak. being a non-banker i am preparing 4 final fours of JAIBP cleared M.Accout already but taking Lending operations and risk management with three from last stage.
    Yar lending operations and RM is v loooosy type subject and i made me feel fear somwhat.

    can anybody tell me please what the focused approach to get lending operations clear,,, material..? strategy..? anything else..
    i wana in any case get all cleared in coming attempt. so please help non-banker out my dear banker brothers.

  6. Dear Shams,

    i am tayyab from gujranwala. i need some of your help in preparing for my IBP stage 1. i have found that you are having enough knowledge abt its preparation.
    sir, i need some of ur help in sense of my need regarding IBP stage 1 books. if u do have any link or any PDF format of stage 1 books. so plz snd me link of these e-books. so that i could download these e-books and do prepare well.

    i'll be very thankful and grateful. u can snd me link on my e-mail id (


  7. Dear Shams,
    i have got myself registered for stage1,but the books are not available with IBP can u suggest me some books from which i can get prepared (i'm a non-banker)

  8. Dears ! I dont have the soft copies of IBP books, but I do have other relevant e-Books which can help you in covering the syllabus outline ! so do read them after selecting the topics from syllabus outline.

  9. asalam o laikaum dear i need books for stage 1 e book or other book i am willing to buy can i buy from state bank .please can any one guide me thank you

  10. Here you may download all ibp books easily